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Chinese poem illustration/鲁颂 駉/佚名 Thinking no evil

Chinese poem illustration: 鲁颂 駉/Lu Song – Strong Horses by Anonymous Full video also available at Bilibili: 鲁颂 駉 Till 9:59 is a short briefing on Lu Song(鲁颂), which is considered asRead More…



以先秦哲学及其数字观,分析了诗经中风雅的篇章结构,发现了风雅以三章四章为常的规律。以此原则,着重分析了邶风柏舟,大雅緜,小雅斯干,小明,正月等几首“无常”之歌及其可能的背景,推断小雅正月乃携王之诗。 In line with the Chinese philosophy of Pre-Qin, the rule of chapters is analysed aginst States Wind and Ya in the Book of Songs. Several abnormal poems, which does not compliantRead More…