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Chinese poem illustration/唐风 蟋蟀/佚名: Leading all

Chinese poem illustration: 唐风 蟋蟀/Tang Wind – Crickets Watch above video at Bilibili: 唐风 蟋蟀 The people of Tang state are generally regarded as mean and stingy because of their poems. YetRead More…


Chinese poem illustration/魏风 十亩之间/佚名: Sun or moon in the middle of the doors

Chinese poem illustration: 魏风 十亩之间/Wei Wind – In the Middle of Ten Mu Video also available at Bilibili: 魏风 十亩之间 A poem about state lord funeral. An argument on Ten Mu(十亩) isRead More…


Chinese poem illustration/齐风 载驱/佚名: Murder, love triangle and sibling romance

Chinese poem illustration: 齐风 载驱/Qi Wind – Driving the Chariot Video also available at Bilibili: 齐风 载驱 A peculiar love triangle between Qi and Lu state, between brother,sister and husbund resulted theRead More…