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Chinese poem illustration/鄘风 墙有茨/佚名 烝: Steam goes up

Chinese poem illustration: 鄘风 墙有茨/Yong Wind – Reeds on Wall This video is also available at Bilibili: 鄘风 墙有茨 This poem is a satire to the harem of Wei state(卫国), where happenedRead More…


“月离于毕,百川滂沱”-“小雅 渐渐之石”新说

摘要:本文以哲学三问为逻辑,借助Stellarium天文模拟软件,从“月离于毕”天象入手,发明诗经小雅“渐渐之石”的隐秘诗情。 Abstract: By asking the classic questions of WHO, WHERE FROM ,WHERE ABOUT, with planetarium software Stellarium to simulate the moon and stellar movement in history, a new interpretation to Xiaoya – Gradual Rock is developed. 小雅Read More…