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Chinese poem illustration Part/周南 关雎/佚名 Lord’s affair

Hits: 25Chinese poem illustration: 周南 关雎/ Zhou Wind – Guanju the Turtledove by Anonymous 1st song in Book of Songs, the book was believed to be the final revision by confucius, notRead More…



Hits: 9国庆,港乱,犹如冰火相交. 每天被废青无人性,无公益心的蠢行加暴行所困, 不免心境略有低暗, 读诗咏联大大退步了. 对句都在微博上发过, 集腋本博. 云绯染赤柱,水碧洗明珠. 8.27赤柱 百年沧桑桑林树,十载涸泽泽鱼枯。 天若有情天亦老,子时石屎午时庐。 8.27有感 万年阴岭秀,子午味更佳. ​​​​ 9.21西安子午路张记肉夹馍 一曲锦瑟难人解,再抛瓦弄破玉刀. 文章题头


Chinese poem illustration/ 使至塞上/王维 Grand view at Gobi

Hits: 60Chinese poem illustration: 使至塞上/ Envoy to Frontier Fortress by Wang Wei YouTube above not applicable? watch full video at Bilibili: 使至塞上 One of the most popular poems by Wang Wei, depictedRead More…