Chinese poem illustration: 使至塞上/ Envoy to Frontier Fortress by Wang Wei

YouTube above not applicable? watch full video at Bilibili: 使至塞上

One of the most popular poems by Wang Wei, depicted the spectacular views of north and northwest China, of the vast Gobi desert, with a true painter’s eye, the signature writing of Wang Wei’s poems.

In this poem, Wang Wei created the vision of Gobi desert for Chinese till today. Whenever been to these places of Gobi, the Chinese always reminds of this wording: 大漠孤烟直,长河落日圆. For sure, he or she would also try the best to locate the exact view depicted in this poem.

This poem reveals the strong, proud and positive mind of Tang people, which also gives the ugly warfair a magic, exotic and legendary color. By exploring the place names in this poem, a typical Tang people’s view of world is revealed as well.




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