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Chinese poem illustration/水调歌头 明月几时有/苏轼 The most pop song for Mid-autumn festival

Hits: 7Chinese poem illustration: 水调歌头 明月几时有 When Could We Share the Bright Moon by Su Shi YouTube above not applicable? watch full video at Bilibili: 水调歌头 明月几时有 A poem about thinking eachRead More…


Chinese poem illustration/忆秦娥 箫声咽/李白 The pillar of Ci

Hits: 6Treated as the pillar and foundation of Ci(词, “百代词曲之祖”), not only for Li Bai created this writing pattern Recall the Qin Princess(忆秦娥), but more for the words and feelings. Youtube aboveRead More…


Chinese poem illustration/ 十五夜望月寄杜中郎/王建 Post to a friend in Mid-autumn

Hits: 7Chinese poem illustration: Looking to the moon and post a poem to officer Du in the night of August 15th by Wang Jian YouTube above not applicable? watch full video here:Read More…