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Treated as the pillar and foundation of Ci(词, “百代词曲之祖”), not only for Li Bai created this writing pattern Recall the Qin Princess(忆秦娥), but more for the words and feelings.


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The first glance of this poem turns out to be a Woman Worrying and Thinking of type poetry(闺怨诗:思妇怀人) which consist a big chunk of Tang poetry. Normally It describe the feeling of missing and complaining to her lover or husband. Most probably this feeling was a metaphor to the feeling of a dejected poet to his poor political career life or his lord- the emperor of the time. The wife and the poet share a lot of commons, the loyalty to the husband or emperor, the dejected family or political life. The emperor and the husband also share a lot commons, they dominate the fate or even life of their subordinate.

This poem does not like all other poems of this kind. It reflected nothing personal but an average family who suffered hugely in the endless wars, the touching writing about family/friends parting would take every reader’ heart away, not to say the bitterness of the war behind. It created a feeling and scenario familiar to almost everyone, and touching to everyone.

The second paragraph makes this poem absolutely outstanding: with the last two sentences, Li Bai concluded those miserables and fatal end are the fate for everyone under the emperor, for the emperor himself. This happened again and again through the thousand years of history. The very unique view on Leyou plateau intrigued the feeling of this poem, and it is also the answer to the feeling as well. The place, the time and Li Bai , they made this poem unique together.

The first paragraph let all readers share a common personal feeling, the second paragraph let the readers share a common ground with the awareness of the long history and country. That is the sympathy and great vision Li Bai brought us, started as personal thinking of and complaining poetry , ended up with deep helpless to human’s fate.

忆秦娥 箫声咽



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