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Chinese poem illustration/郑风 有女同车/佚名: The girl representing the soul

Chinese poem illustration: 郑风 有女同车/Zheng Wind – She Was on Same Chariot Video also available at Bilibili: 郑风 有女同车 The grandson or granddaughter representing his/her passed away grandfather/mother’s soul is so calledRead More…


Chinese poem illustration/郑风 遵大路/佚名: Road to cemetery

Chinese poem illustration: 郑风 遵大路/Zheng Wind – A toast to Grand Chariot Above video could be watch on Bilibili: 郑风 遵大路 A new interpretation is developed not only for this poem butRead More…


Chinese poem illustration/秦风 蒹葭/佚名 Jian Jia, a new argument

Chinese poem illustration: 秦风 蒹葭/ Qin Wind – Reeds by Anonymous Full video also available at Bilibili: 秦风 蒹葭 This is my second video and interpretation for this one of the mostRead More…