Chinese poem illustration: 郑风 有女同车/Zheng Wind – She Was on Same Chariot

郑风 有女同车

Video also available at Bilibili: 郑风 有女同车

The grandson or granddaughter representing his/her passed away grandfather/mother’s soul is so called as Shi(尸), not a few poems in Shijing described Shi from different angles, this poem is one among them.

A new interpretation based on my two paragraphs structure hypothesis which is briefed in my video 郑风 遵大路( The subject Meng Jiang(孟姜) is also identified as 武姜, the Zheng state founder Duke Wu(郑武公)’s wife. This poem is by a witness of Meng Jiang’s funeral.

Characters 颜, 翱, 翔, 英 are further analysed.

郑风 有女同车



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