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Chinese poem illustration/ 无题 八岁偷照镜/李商隐 A beauty growing up

Hits: 0Chinese poem illustration: 无题 八岁偷照镜 No Title: Look into the Mirror Secretly at Age of Eight by Li Shangyin YouTube above not applicable? watch full video here: 八岁偷照镜 Could be theRead More…


Chinese poem illustration/ 江南/佚名 Metaphor of Yangtze River South

Hits: 4Chinese poem illustration: 江南 Yangtze River South by Anonymous A fork song dated 2000 years ago, a Musical Department song( 乐府诗) in Han dynasty, a rare song about the Yangtze riverRead More…


Chinese poem illustration/ 摸鱼儿·雁丘词/元好问 Love song for the goose

Hits: 17Chinese poem illustration: 摸鱼儿.雁丘词 Song for Goose tomb by Yuan Haowen. Inspired by his real experience on the midway to Imperial Exam at the age of 16, Yuan Haowen wrote thisRead More…