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Chinese poem illustration/小雅 鸿雁/佚名 Big bird is formal gift?

Hits: 11Chinese poem illustration: 小雅 鸿雁/ Xiaoya – Giant Goose by Anonymous Full video also available at Bilibili: 小雅 鸿雁 Starting from this poem, writing about or mentioning goose is everywhere inRead More…


Chinese poem illustration/ 摸鱼儿·雁丘词/元好问 Goose love

Hits: 36Chinese poem illustration: 摸鱼儿.雁丘词/ Moyuer .Song for Goose tomb by Yuan Haowen Full video also available at Bilibili: 摸鱼儿.雁丘词 Inspired by his real experience on the midway to Imperial Exam atRead More…