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Chinese poem illustration: 摸鱼儿.雁丘词 Song for Goose tomb by Yuan Haowen.

Inspired by his real experience on the midway to Imperial Exam at the age of 16, Yuan Haowen wrote this masterpiece for the love story of 2 wild gooses.

At the time , China is splitted into three kingdom. Yuan Haowen is of Jin dynasty in north China, we could feel the strong northerners virtue from this poem.

The poem raised the ultimate question for mankind: What is love, how could the love is more worthy of one’s life. What is more, the poet treated the goose couple with the ritual as to a human couple, the true humanity.

The poem start with the ultimate question, and then depicted the normal life of wild goose and try to guess why the goose suicided for love. The poem then recall the Han emperor’s ceremony hold in the same place. With the recall, it refers that the great feat of emperor does not last while the love of this goose would , Mr. Yuan also summoned ghost of the goose couple which is also a ritual for human to comforted the accidentally dead. Finally, Mr. Yuan argues that the envied story of love and the two gooses would last 10 thousand years, the later generations would come here , the goose tomb, again and again as the poet himself to commemorate the goose couple with wines and songs.





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