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Chinese poem illustration: 无题 八岁偷照镜 No Title: Look into the Mirror Secretly at Age of Eight by Li Shangyin


YouTube above not applicable? watch full video here: 八岁偷照镜

Could be the first No Title poem by Li Shangyin wrote in his 14 or 15. No Title is one the key signature of Li Shangyin poem, make his poem mysterious, vague.

This poem looks rather simple on the wording. But when we look into it, it could be a sad story of his 1st love that ends nowhere. It also could be his exercise on Woman Complaining Poetry(闺怨诗), which normally express the writers sadness and complaining to his career, the emperor by simulating a girl, a wife complaining her beloved man.

The Tang girl’s custom between 8 and 15 years is vividly introduced in the poem.



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