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摘要: 从文本释读入手,结合古代天文地理,以及现代考古和训诂,探讨了诗经中邶风,鄘风和卫风中的殷商特点,推测邶风之柏舟,日月,雄雉,谷风和简兮是殷商遗族之作,绿衣,燕燕,终风,谷风,考槃隐隐有殷人之风。正风和邶鄘卫风的写作特点的初步对比,也揭示了其商周之差别。Abstract: Through the contextual analysis on Bei,Yong and Wei Wind of Shijing(Book of Songs), the factors of Shang, the former dynasty are revealed. By comparing to Decent Wind, which is ZhouRead More…


“邶风 简兮”和“唐风 采苓”新探

本文对诗经邶风 简兮和唐风 采苓各提出了一种新解读。在解读过程中也探讨了说文解字对苦,古,苓,尔雅对蘦释义的谬误。A new interpretation is developed toward Bei Wind- Bang Bang and Tang Wind- Collecting ungus of Book of Songs. Two items in Shuowen Jiezi are discussed accordingly. 邶风 简兮 简兮简兮,方将万舞。日之方中,在前上处。硕人俣俣,公庭万舞。Read More…


Chinese poem illustration/邶风 简兮/佚名 Dance of the past

Chinese poem illustration: 邶风 简兮/ Bei Wind – Jian Jian by Anonymous Youtube above not applicable? watch full video at Bilibili: 邶风 简兮 The dancers are bravo, the ceremony is grandiose, theRead More…