Chinese poem illustration: 唐风 扬之水/ Tang Wind – Spread Water Upward by Anonymous

唐风 扬之水

Full video also available at Bilibili: 唐风 扬之水

Everybody is sure that this poem is about the infamous palace struggles in Jin state(晋国), specificaly the Quwo Replace Yi(曲沃代翼), while the poem details and real history story are still mysterious. This video reveals another possibility of this poem, a snapshot in the long run of the Quwo Replace Yi: the lord was declaring his plan and oath in a grand ceremony to his ancesters, solid with majesty, while the poet, a senior officer smelled out the forthcoming danger, a danger he dare not to tell anybody, even to his lord in front of him. The last sentence suggests that the poet is a fortune teller/historian(卜史), a position carry both two duties to help the lord of planning.

Gifted writing by loan words with double refering are the main feature, the dynamic, tension and colorful bright scenario created are really impressive. Key words: 白石, 沃, 鹄. Pouring water(沃) is mostly used to refer an important step in code of conduct(周礼), washing hand with fresh water before a grand ceremony, this meaning and the tite coincide as well: wave hands after washing. If that is the case, this poem is not necessarily related to the Quwo Replace Yi, just one of the grand ceremony in a time of political turbulance. Again, the character 沃 still could be a double refering.

唐风 扬之水




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