Chinese poem illustration: 魏风 陟岵/ Wei Wind – Ascend the Hu Mont by Anonymous

魏风 陟岵

Full video also available at Bilibili: 魏风 陟岵

Recall to passed away parent is a popular topic in Shijing, a key family value rooted in Chinese mind till today. This poem created a magic writing technique(对写法) which is to pretend as the objective person, his dead parent and brothers in this poem, to write down their feelings and words for poet himself. It is somewhat like to watch yourself by a mirrow, let the mirrow to tell you something, let the mirrow tell what you looks like. It is also like a simple and pure voice bounced back between two huge mounts, it emphasize, enrich and dizzy itself by resonance. Some famous Tang poems used this unique writing as well.

The deep links and its philosophy between parent and kid are explored, a sad and hopless poem by all means. Characters 岵, 屺, 旃 are further analysed.

魏风 陟岵




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