Chinese poem illustration: 周南 卷耳/Zhou Wind – Cerastium Arvense by Anonymous

周南 卷耳

Full video also available at Bilibili: 周南 卷耳

The earliest poem of the kind: Thinking of Hometown and People(思乡怀人) poetry, the ultimate topic in Chinese literature. A new interpretation to title: Zigzag Hills rather than the general interpretation of a grass name. Anyhow, the two different interpretation does not change the whole poem meaning much.

The first paragraph depicted a depressed female figure, idling herself on the broadway and thinking about her husband or sons. The 2nd to 4th paragraph depicted a military marchling on a big rough mountains with his horse , his servant was almost dysfunctioned, he feels sick with many cups of wine. The sadness and thinking to his home getting stronger and stronger by each paragraph. At the every end, the military officer seems to be collapsed, nor sigh for his misfortunes and homesick. The sad story of the military officer could be read, either could be the imagination from his wife or mother described in the 1st paragraph.

周南 卷耳





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