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Chinese poem illustration: 召南 野有死麕/Shao Wind – A Dead Deer in field by Anonymous

召南 野有死麕

Full video also available at Bilibili: 召南 野有死麕

A bit suppressed through the history even it is a poem of Shao Wind, the most decent poems in Book of Songs. The wording is quite simple, straightforward, the scenario depicted is quite familiar to people nowadays as well. It is one of the few scenarios in Book of Songs that is of no difference to today: a hunter, a gentleman crashes on a girl in the wild and make love.

This scenario is far from Code of Conduct(周礼) which is part of the real facts mixed with many imagination of Confucianism, it much confused the later scholars how to interpret this poem. Three main interpretations created through the Chinese history.
1. A love poetry. It reflected the primitive love affair of Zhou people.
2. Blaming to the rude hunter, an advisory poem.
3. Summon to hermit. The girl was interpreted as a talented hermit, the hunter tries to persuade her of getting rid of hermitage.

More and more archeology evidences and studies indicate that it is a love poem, vividly reflects the hot and eager atmosphere of a love affair, even a bit erotic seen nowadays.

邵南 野有死麕




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