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Chinese poem illustration: 召南 鹊巢/Shao Wind – Pica Pica Nest by Anonymous

召南 鹊巢

Full video also available at Bilibili: 召南 鹊巢

The poems in Book of Songs always looks very simple, but hard to be understood. While every generation continues their endeavours to understand it. These poems not only laid the cornerstones of social tradition, it also contributes the vocabulary and literary allusion for chinese literature, recited generation by generation.

Pica Pica Nest(鹊巢) is the 1st poem in Zhao Wind(召南), which implies its importance is second to Guan Ju(关雎) In Zhou Wind(周南) among 300+ poems in Book of Songs. Zhou and Shao state are the two pillar state to Zhou dynasty, where is the homeland of Zhou people.

It is very clear it wrote about the king’s marriage like Guan Ju, but from a different angle.The poem is re-interpreted with today’s history, archaeology knowledge and my personal understanding, a bit different than the general explanation.

召南 鹊巢




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