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Chinese poem illustration: 小雅 祈父/ Xiaoya – Uncle Qi by Anonymous

小雅 祈父

Full video also available at Bilibili:小雅 祈父

Interpreted as a blaming poem by Han scholars(汉儒), a soldier of household troops blames the general Qifu(祈父) of leaving him at the frontier for too long.

A totally new interpretation is developed in this video mainly based on the analysis of the word 祈父 and 恤, which turned out to be a poem of condolence and yearning to his misfortune father who is with the name of Uncle Qi(祈父). My new interpretation makes the whole poem self-consistent without creating any weird exceptional definitions toward characters and words in this poem. Han scholars created too many definitions for the characters in Shijing(诗经) which I usually do not consent to.

小雅 祈父




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