Chinese poem illustration: 邶风 北风/ Bei Wind – North Wind by Anonymous

邶风 北风

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A mis-interpreted poem for 2000 years , at least in my own view. The Han scholars(汉儒) take this as a blaming poem, which is about two friends fleeing the troubled home land.

My interpretation: Two lords are on their way to(back from) ancestor’s temple(祖庙), where they would reach(had reached) an alliance agreement(歃血为盟). The cooling and hamonic north wind, the heavy snow, the fox and crow are all the good sign of it, a blessing by the nature and god(天), what a fortunate and lively date! It is more likely that the two lords were on their way back from the ancestors temple.

The key character “其”, “虚”,”邪”,”且” are traced to its early form with deep analysis. By comparing the early character form of “示” and “只”, I believe “只” means Talking To, Praying To. The 2nd possible meaning is Going For as It is the loan word of 之.

邶风 北风




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