Chinese poem illustration: 召南 甘棠/ Shao Wind – Pear Tree by Anonymous

召南 甘棠

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The poems of Book of Songs means two things for today’s Chinese, a real and vivid Zhou history and root of literature. So many idioms and vocabularies are from Book of Songs. Without reading Book of Songs, you would never know the words you are using are from 3000 years ago; By reading it, the same ordinary word echos with its colorful and profound polysemy.

This poem is a memorial song for Lord of Shao(召公奭), he is not only the lord of Shao state, but also the premier of Zhou country. With his efforts and ruling, one of the most peaceful and prosperous period in the long Chinese history(成康之治), the dream world by Confucius, was realized. The polysemy of 甘棠 is discussed. See the remnant and think about the passed away(睹物思人), this poem is.

召南 甘棠




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