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Chinese poem illustration: 卫风·木瓜 Song of Wei State, Woody Pear by no name

卫风 木瓜

YouTube above not applicable? watch full video at Bilibili: 木瓜

A famous poem from Book of Songs, Songs of Wei state(卫风), a simple poem with many interpretations through the history.

We have no idea when, who wrote this poem for what events or feelings, this is very typical situation in the Book of Songs, normally it always related to a dedicate affair, event or a person, like all other primitive literature across the world.

This poem is most likely about a social event of aristocracy, very closely related to the Code of Conduct of Zhou dynasty(周礼), so I referenced Zhou codes(周礼) from a history book on Zhou, in the hope to justify which interpretation is more likely to be the real case.

The interpretation chosen in the video is still far from this poem, until we have more evidence from history, archaeology and science.





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