Chinese poem illustration: 和张仆射塞下曲.其三 Reply to Officer Zhang’s Under the Fortress by Lu Lun


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The best breed of Frontier and Fortress poetry (边塞诗) by a Mid-Tang poet Lu Lun, a bit strange in a time of wars, ruins and death. It might be the last radiance of the setting sun of Tang dynasty.

Lu Lun’s writing is quite unique, he never touches the highlight in his poem, but with several vivid and touching snapshots, like several pictures of different time. His writing always brings the strong intensity of battle field , like the horror film, the prelude scenes and music is the real thing horrific, for Lu Lun, it is the atmosphere of the snapshots.

As usual, this poem leaves a lot of space between the senses depicted, everyone can has his own way to fill the gaps and draws his own plot of the whole story. This poem is also an excellent example of the traditional writing technique : never plots everything on the paper(留白), let the imagination fill the gaps (言无尽意).



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