Chinese poem illustration: 魏风 十亩之间/Wei Wind – In the Middle of Ten Mu

魏风 十亩之间

Video also available at Bilibili: 魏风 十亩之间

A poem about state lord funeral. An argument on Ten Mu(十亩) is raised which is the palace of the state lord. The main buildings in the palace is the sleeping rooms(寝) and he ancestor temple(庙). In this poem, the focal point is the ancestor temple. The new dead lord should stay in the temple for a while as a courtsey to bid farewell to his ancestors before he was buried, this is the situation described in the first paragraph. The second paragraph is about the way out to cemetery.

Character 间, 闲 , 泄 are further analysed. 桑者=丧者, the dead.

魏风 十亩之间



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