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Chinese poem illustration/王风 君子阳阳/佚名: Flute and plume

Chinese poem illustration: 王风 君子阳阳/King Wind – Lord and Suns Watch full video on Bilibili: 王风 君子阳阳 A poem about a typical ancestor worship ceremony, very likely a imitator of Bei Wind(邶风)Read More…


Chinese poem illustration/邶风 二子乘舟/佚名 How a state collapses

Chinese poem illustration: 邶风 二子乘舟/Bei Wind – Two Princes on a Boat This video is also available at Bilibili: 邶风 二子乘舟 This poem is about a real story recorded in Zuozhuan(春秋左传) andRead More…


Chinese poem illustration/邶风 静女/佚名 Romance or brotherhood?

Chinese poem illustration: 邶风 静女/Bei Wind – Your silence Full video also available at Bilibili: 邶风 静女 Taken as a vivid and touching love poem eversince, a new deciphering is put forwardRead More…