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Chinese poem illustration/小雅 谷风/佚名 You and me

Hits: 9Chinese poem illustration: 小雅 谷风/ Xiaoya – Wind of Valley by Anonymous Full video also available at Bilibili: 小雅 谷风 The first poem in the sub-chapter Ten Poems of Gufeng(谷风之什) inRead More…



Hits: 40摘要: 从文本释读入手,结合古代天文地理,以及现代考古和训诂,探讨了诗经中邶风,鄘风和卫风中的殷商特点,推测邶风之柏舟,日月,雄雉,谷风和简兮是殷商遗族之作,绿衣,燕燕,终风,谷风,考槃隐隐有殷人之风。正风和邶鄘卫风的写作特点的初步对比,也揭示了其商周之差别。Abstract: Through the contextual analysis on Bei,Yong and Wei Wind of Shijing(Book of Songs), the factors of Shang, the former dynasty are revealed. By comparing to Decent Wind, which isRead More…