Chinese poem illustration: 邶风 二子乘舟/Bei Wind – Two Princes on a Boat

邶风 二子乘舟

This video is also available at Bilibili: 邶风 二子乘舟

This poem is about a real story recorded in Zuozhuan(春秋左传) and Shi Ji(史记). The poems in Book of Songs are all about real people and real stories , yet few of them could be identified today.

This simple poem reflected the public idea toward the murdered princes, the love, condolence, as well as uncertainty to their own fate. Two asumptions are raised in this video: why this poem was categorised in Bei Wind(邶风) rather then in Wei Wind(卫风), why the poet depicted the vehicle as boat rather then chariot recorded in real history. The two chapters structure also reveals the poem as negative and sad.

“瑕” means little defect on a rock of jade. “不瑕有害“ means wish they/princes were not hurt by a single defect.




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