Chinese poem illustration: 邶风 静女/Bei Wind – Your silence

邶风 静女

Full video also available at Bilibili: 邶风 静女

Taken as a vivid and touching love poem eversince, a new deciphering is put forward in this video: it is about a tratigic peace agreement between two states, the Bei state(邶国) and Wei state(卫国), this poem is by the lord of Bei state about the meetup between two lords. The silent You(静女) refers to the lord of Wei.

The focal word (诗眼) Red Flute(彤管) contrast to the title of Silent You(静女) makes this poem extremly vidid and dynamic. Key words of 女, 爱,搔首, 娈, 美 are further analysised.

邶风 静女




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