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Chinese poem illustration/卫风 淇奥/佚名 His Majesty

Hits: 10Chinese poem illustration: 卫风 淇奥/ Wei Wind – Cove of Qi River by Anonymous YouTube above not applicable? watch full video at Bilibili: 卫风 淇奥 The most handsome gentleman in theRead More…


“邶风 旄丘”新探

Hits: 15 摘要:以诗情释读入手发现疑点,考查先秦文献和现代考古发现,确定诗中“流离”即琉璃,推断“琐”,“尾”极大可能是西周墓葬中的有孔琉璃珠和琉璃管。探讨了旄丘特立于诗经的修辞手法。 Abstract:By exploreing the irrational writing generally interpreted today in the 4th paragraph ,with digging into classic literature and today’s archaeology finding out, Liuli(流离) is confirmed as coloured glaze whichRead More…