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4.6原发于微博 欲把一麾江海去,乐游原上望昭陵。 一麾:武王牧野,“白旄以麾”,陷阵图谋,求武功也。乐游原:杜陵樊川,杜家也。昭陵:梁山之巅,太宗之归,唐家定鼎之宗祖也。 杜牧:离家,求以武功定鼎中唐乱世,慎终怀远,今天的语言就是:不忘初心,牢记使命。 ​​​


Chinese poem illustration/忆秦娥 箫声咽/李白 One pillar of Ci

Chinese poem illustration: 忆秦娥 箫声咽/ Recall the Qin Princess | The Chinese Flute Cry by Li bai Youtube above not applicable, watch full video here: 忆秦娥 Treated as the pillar and foundationRead More…


Chinese poem illustration/ 将赴吴兴登乐游原一绝/杜牧 A look to the mausoleum of Taizong

Chinese poem illustration:将赴吴兴登乐游原一绝/ Up Leyou Plateau Before Going Wuxing by Du Mu YouTube above not applicable? watch full video here: 将赴吴兴登乐游原 Leyou plateau is a very popular place for Tang poets. AlmostRead More…


Chinese poem illustration/ 乐游原/李商隐 Are setting sun the best?

Chinese poem illustration: 乐游原 Leyou Plateau by Li Shangyin YouTube above not applicable? watch full video at Bilibili: 乐游原 The setting sun is the best(夕阳无限好) is such a popular wording today toRead More…