Chinese poem illustration: 鄘风 柏舟/Yong Wind – Boat of Cypress Wood

鄘风 柏舟

Watch full video on Bilibili: 鄘风 柏舟

This poem must have had borrowed a lot from the same title poem in Bei Wind(邶风), yet the overall flavor differs. It might be due to the poet, a countess widow, one of the few female poets in Shijing(诗经). It shoud be of some fun to compare these two poems.

A new arguement is raised in this video: the Boat is a real boat conveying her husband, the Earl’s coffin, the sad countess is rather in fury and mad when her parents pushing her to remarry. The two hairys(两髦) could be a metaphor of her dreaming destinty: lay in peace with her husband in same tomb.

鄘风 柏舟



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