Chinese poem illustration: 豳风 七月/ Bin Wind – Month of Seventh by Anonymous

豳风 七月 part1

The longest poem among State Wind(国风), the most mysterious and earliest State Wind. The poem introduction starts since 11:50 after the a briefing to Bin Wind(豳风)The first three paragraphs are considered of State Wind alike, with strong implication of condolence to ancesters. The rest of five paragraphs is Ya(雅) alike, which makes Qi Yue the only kind among poems of Shijing.

豳风 七月 part2

Full video also available at Bilibili: 豳风 七月 part1, part2

After a wrap up to the first three paragraphs, this video go over the rest five paragraphs with a structured table of content analysis, which revealed an excellent writing with the right timing(正朔) , as well as the three key elements of Zhou life: timing, duty and food.

The long-winded poem described a happy but diligent countrylife of Zhou people in their early time. It give us many snapshots of dailylife almost every month, the land the weather the people and what they doing, a dream land and life for Zhou people.

Harvest 2021 June at Zhou place

豳风 七月









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