Chinese poem illustration: 曹风 蜉蝣/ Cao Wind – Mayfly by Anonymous

曹风 蜉蝣

Full video also available at Bilibili: 曹风 蜉蝣

Each place has its own wind and earth(风土) which finally in turn influence the people who lives around, the State Wind(国风) is somehow the forklore to reflect the land, the weather, the creatures and people there. This first Cao Wind(曹风) poem reflects the key factor of Cao State(曹国), a land of rivers and ponds, beautiful, fertile but fragile like the prosperous mayflies in the air, shining but just for hours.

Poem illustration starts at 3:59 after a breifing to Cao Wind(曹风) and Cao State. Charaters 忧, 归 are further analysed.

曹风 蜉蝣




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