Chinese poem illustration: 郐风 匪风/ Chen Wind – No Wind by Anonymous

郐风 匪风

Full video also available at Bilibili: 郐风 匪风

Poem introduction starts at 10:10 after a briefing to Gui(Kuai) Wind(桧风) and Gui State(桧国).

This poem might reflected the uneasy and fright of a Zhou poeple lived in Gui State, when he heard the last king(周幽王) of West Zhou(西周) was slaughtered. It seems that the poet had no idea of the aftermath: not for long, his state, the Gui State was destroyed as a consequence of the crash of West Zhou. Another possible situation is that the poet is a Zheng State people sent by Zheng State lord(郑武公) as a watchdog to secure their state wealth and people which were relocated to Gui State as a precaution measue, as everyone knew the West Zhou was collapsing soon, lot of lords around the Zhou capital, like Zheng State lord, were moving their wealth and families to east China, Gui State for example. The poet wrote this poem when he heard the news that his lord(郑武公) died together with King of Zhou(周幽王).

郐风 匪风




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