Chinese poem illustration: 秦风 车邻/ Qin Wind – Jingle Bell by Anonymous

秦风 车邻

Full video also available at Bilibili: 秦风 车邻


An introduction to Qin wind(秦风) and Qin state(秦国) is given till 16:50. Along the silk road from Chang’an till Istanbul, China was and is called as Qin, this name is from Qin state and the later Qin empire some 500 years later after this poem. The Qin empire built the China we know as today, the landscape as well as the political structure, a huge country by law and bureaucracy rather than a mixture of lords and theocracy.

This very first poem of Qin Wind shows its own characters when compared to other State Wind

  1. Cutting to the chase on their own gifted skills of horse raising and charoit driving rather then the standard starting(兴), i.e. writing about local views which actually was put to the second chapter.
  2. Conceal their deep sadness by writing playing music peacefully. The muisc bu Se and Yu(瑟,竽)strongly suggested a funeral event as well.
  3. Combine the living person with the dead into one picture, which is a sophisticated metaphor or looking back as well as looking to the future on the same ground with mutual relation and emotions. This is of tremendous sense of time and history.

秦风 车邻




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