Chinese poem illustration: 魏风 葛屦/ Wei Wind – Kudzu Shoe by Anonymous

魏风 葛屦

Full video also available at Bilibili: 魏风 葛屦

Poem starts at 7:30 after a briefing to Wei state(魏国, state of high and big) and Wei Wind(魏风). For Zhou people, reviewing the poem/song in state wind(国风) is to review the forklore and terroir. The state of Wei is taken as humble and thrifty which is highly valued by ancient chinese as the character of king and emperor, it is still the character of the people lives here today.

A new interpretation is develpoed against the Han scholars(汉儒) and later comers who all take Wei Wind as humble and stingy, in one word, a blaming poem. Thrifty or stingy? sounds a bit similar somehow, but they are fundamentally different, one worthy of prasing, the other blaming. In Zuo Zhuan(春秋左传), the value of thrifty was made clearly as 清廟茅屋,大路越席,大羹不致,粢食不鑿,昭其儉也.

Characters 左, 辟, 褊, 刺 are further analysed. The two paragraph structure also imply it blue mood or alternative.

魏风 葛屦



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