Chinese poem illustration: 郑风 出其东门/ Zheng Wind – Out of the East Gate by Anonymous

郑风 出其东门

Zheng Wind was described as erotic(郑风淫) by Song scholars(宋儒) which actually derived from the words of Confucius: Zheng voice is erotic or excessive(郑声淫), while no one is sure which Confucius means, erotic or excessive by the character 淫.

A new arguement of this poem is developed by carefull study of the key words 缟衣 綦巾 娱. The word 闉闍(yin1du1) is aslo a key indicator of the cemetery site by its ancient form, which consist of the radicals of west land(垔) and bow/Condolence(弔or弓). The radical of west land means a bump of earth, is aslo used in the character 禋(禋于六宗) which is a ceremony for the passed away. The unusual structure of 2 paragraphs is also a indicator of something negative. Normally the Shijing poem has 3 paragraphs or 3+ of even number paragaphs.

郑风 出其东门



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