Chinese poem illustration: 小雅 谷风/ Xiaoya – Wind of Valley by Anonymous

小雅 谷风

Full video also available at Bilibili: 小雅 谷风

The first poem in the sub-chapter Ten Poems of Gufeng(谷风之什) in Xiaoya(小雅). The sub-chapters of Xiaoya(小雅) look like having a focalpoint each, but not every poem fits in its focalpoint in today’s view. Furthermore, the poems listed in sub-chapters looks like being odered by witten time, with a time span of West Zhou(西周).

This poem is about brotherhood or love, complaining to the betrayed friendship or love. Another same title poem in Bei Wind(邶风) told a similar story of betrayed brotherhood, which I do believe is the predecessor of this title. The Wind of Valley(谷风) is facilitated as the background, the relationship is paralelled by the changing wind and rain. By refering to the peak of mountain at third paragraph, the accused other guy very likely was the king or a very high ranking officer.

小雅 谷风




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