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Chinese poem illustration: 召南 摽有梅/ Shao Wind – Plum Falling Down by Anonymous

召南 摽有梅

YouTube not applicable? watch full video at Bilibili: 召南 摽有梅

A poem depicting a girl’s anxiousty for marriage, a wisdom of doing things timely. It simulate the best time of a girl, namely age 15-20 to the full matured plum still hanging on branches. The fading time is just like the falling plum, make everything in a hurry of no return.The Code of Conduct of Zhou(周礼) on marriage was briefly introduced accordingly. The character 梅 vs 媒 are discussed as well. 摽 also could be explained as slam and hit by hands。

The bird view of Tai Tam(大潭) was filmed at the beginning of this video.

召南 摽有梅




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