Chinese poem illustration: 出塞/Out Fortress Gateway by Wang Changling


YouTube above not applicable? watch full video at Bilibili: 出塞

One of the masterpiece of Frontier and Fortress Poetry(边塞诗), with the borrowed and concealed title Fortress Mountain Moon(关山月) from Musical Department(汉乐府) of Han dynasty.

The very typical Tang voice: bold, strong with a sense of the past long history, with viewing of ten thousands miles of distance and space featured this poem, especially the first pair of sentence.

Wang Changling is the pioneer of Frontier and Fortress poetry and the top master of Qijue(七绝), this poem do resemble one of his best poems, a result of his real experience in the field of frontier in his late 20s. The different meaning of Lang March(长征) between Tang and today is analysed.



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