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Chinese poem illustration: 寄扬州韩绰判官/ A Letter to Yangzhou City Officer Han Chao by Du Mu


YouTube above not applicable? watch full video at Bilibili: 寄扬州韩绰判官

A letter of poem, to his best wine and meat friend Han Chao. The two , the poet and his friend , spent two years in the infamous whore house in Yangzhou city, and this poem is a reminiscence of their happy hours in Yangzhou.

Yangzhou city in Tang dynasty is just like Shanghai today, the biggest commercial city of the time, especially famous for its entertainment and nightlife.

It is hard to tell if the Yangzhou image was created by Du Mu or Yangzhou cultivate the fame by itself. Anyhow, when ever a Chinese thought about Yangzhou, this lively with a tiny bit of erotic atmosphere poem emerges, the words 24 Bridges(二十四桥), Beauty Play Flute (玉人吹箫) apparently become the literate signature of Yangzhou.

Reading in Shaanxi dialect(秦腔) at 2:25.



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