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Chinese poem illustration: 竹枝词二首 其一/ Song of Bamboo Branch by Liu Yuxi


Youtube above not applicable? watch full video at Bilibili: 竹枝词二首 其一

Inspired by folk song, writing a new poem is the tradition of Chinese literature from the very beginning, this tradition lasts till today.

Song of Bamboo Branch(竹枝词) is a song of New Musical Department which started in Tang dynasty, originaled from the folk songs of Three Gorges region, the place where Liu Yuxi was abandoned from a position in Chang’an city. He listened to the folklore songs and created this type of songs accordingly.

This love song/poem is quite rare in Tang dynasty, as the poets, the elite always focused on some big goals like serving the country, exploring the meaning of life, they never put a word on love between man and woman.

The poem echoes in today : a TV series titled with the sentence: 东边日出西边雨. A pop song Love of Boat Tracker(纤夫的爱) could be your further reading. The beautiful peninsular of ShekO in Hong Kong is the background of this video.



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