Chinese poem illustration: 沧浪歌 or 孺子歌/ Song of Canglang or Song of Kids by Anonymous


Youtube above not applicable? watch full video at Bilibili: 沧浪歌/孺子歌

A folk song recorded around 300 BC at Mencius, mentioned by Confucius earlier than Mencius ,appeared in a story of Qu Yuan(屈原) at the very beginning.

This song is with Daoism spiritually, addressed the fundamental question for classic Chinese aristocracies , the philosophy for their whole life.

The clear water or muddy water in the poem finally became the metaphor words for status quo, especially in political life. After viewing this video, you will have a second thought when seeing Chinese words about clear water(沧浪之水清兮), alert among drunked(众人皆醉).



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