Chinese poem illustration: 七步诗/ Poem Composed in 7 Steps by Cao Zhi


YouTube above not applicable? watch full video at Bilibili: 七步诗

A poem within 7 foot steps is a poem of genius , especially under the pressure and threat to his own life. Talent is far not enough, courage and wisdom is.

The wording Why Such Hurry to Burn Each Other(相煎何急) is the ultimate condemn to his elder brother, the worst enemy now, it is also the most famous quote by Premier Zhou(周恩来) during the WWII to condemn the KMT regime who massacred a Chinese troop in January 1941, as all men are brothers especially when Chinese were facing the Japanese invaders.(周恩来:千古奇冤,江南一案;同室操戈,相煎何急!)

Cao Zhi(曹植) was so called one of the most greatest three poets in the history by Wang Yuyang(王渔洋).



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