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Chinese poem illustration: 从军行七首 其四/ 7 Poems of Conjunxing, the Fourth by Wang Changling


YouTube above not applicable? watch full video at Bilibili: 从军行七首 其四

Conjunxing ( Enrolled by the army) is a borrowed title from Han poetry(汉乐府 poetry of Musical Department) which normally is about frontier and conquering. Wang Changling borrow this title, continued the spirits of Han people: expedition and conquering to the most distant places. He created the best breed of sentences and wordings on this topic that lasts till today: 不破楼兰终不还(no sacking Loulan, no home) .

History background is further explored, together with the significance and literature images of Loulan, Qinghai and Yumen Fortress (楼兰, 青海和玉门关)



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