Chinese poem illustration: 四十年来家国/ My Homeland for the Past Forty Years by Li Yu


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Gifted on writing is far from creating a masterpiece. In Chinese, misfortune of the country is the fortune of a poet (国家不幸诗家幸). Li Yu(李煜) could be the number one candidate for this condition. He ruled his kingdom across 3000 miles which lasted for 40 years, ended up by the Song dynasty(宋), from a King to a slaughtered captive.

With deep dive to traditon of the Ancestral Temple(太庙), which was established at least since Zhou dynasty(周朝) dated back 3000 years ago, it might reveal some untold feelings and thoughts by this poet , by an emperor. The poet crossed the Ancetral Temple with an easy soft stroke in his writing, and focused on the farewell at the end. Do you think he felt as such easy and soft toward his county and homeland which was represented by the Temple?




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