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Chinese poem illustration: Looking to the moon and post a poem to officer Du in the night of August 15th by Wang Jian


YouTube above not applicable? watch full video here: 十五夜望月寄杜郎中

Sept. 13, 2019 is Mid-Autumn festival. This video is my celebration and gift for this day of reunion, and wish you all cherish your family and friends, not only at this day.

The poet Wang Jian is considered as classical per his style in Mid-Tang period. He wrote simple and straightforward, focusing on the normal people’s daily life and their miserables, in a time of corrupted politics and too much casualties nationwide due to the endless wars.

This poem was written in a mid-autumn festival night, the scenario of a festival party was depicted by some carefully selected minutiae, picturesque and familiar to everyone.

The last sentence is the turning point and make this lively poem sad. That day is far from an easy day, like an ordinary Mid-Autumn festival today, people can reunion and celebrate together, that day is just an ordinary day among 70-80 years endless wars, so many people and family passed away, few were intact, people are parted in different places, have no idea their family members or their friends still alive or not.



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