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Chinese poem illustration: 锦瑟 The Magnificent Se by Li Shangyin.

An article deep dive into this poem in Chinese: 此情今再忆,锦瑟五十年


YouTube above not applicable? watch full video on Bilibili: 锦瑟

This poem is just like pearl and jade among the richness and glory of Tang poetry. It might not be the most popular poem, while it is regarded as the best Tang poem by poetry lovers, by poets through the 1200 years Chinese history afterwards.

The perfect wording, the colorful images and illusions, the mysterious subject almost impossible to decipher make this masterpiece also the greatest puzzle in Chinese poetry history.

This video is my personal approach to decipher this poem, adding one more possibility to so many existing explanations of this poem: wrapping up words of his whole life when dying.

PS: The 3rd pair of sentences also expressed that his feeling which is the tear drops of pearl is as deep as ocean, his spirit which is the smoke of jade would go beyond the huge mountains.




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