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Chinese poem illustration: 暮秋独游曲江 Alone to Qu Jiang in Late Autumn by Li Shangyin


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Alone to the Qu Jiang ruin in Chang’an city in late autumn in the very last 2 or 3 years of his life, Li wrote this poem.

The Qu Jiang ruin , used to be a magnificent public park with so called Qu Jiang, a huge lake, crowded with citizens and celebrities , even the royal society, is the sign of decaying Tang dynasty , as well as Li’s dream and life.

A very unusual writing compared his other poems, simple wording, without sophisticated illusions and historical allusions, yet with a lot overlapping characters , which normally considered bad in poetry writing.

All the content and style of writing revealed the poet is expecting to his death eagerly, though peaceful in mind, unbearable in his feelings.

just look at the words , 荷叶生时春恨生- the lotus leaves grows vividly in the spring, just like everybody grows and make a lot progress in his youth time. for Li Shangyin, spring is just a time that new sorrow and hate grows. Who can bear with such a pain through his lifetime? 深知身在情长在-as far as his flesh exists, the feeling would stay with the flesh,. When I read to this line, It is crystal clear that Li Shangyin got nothing but sorrow and hate in this life, which was totally unbearable.



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