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Chinese poem illustration: 渡汉江 Crossing the Han River by Song Zhiwen

YouTube above not applicable? watch full video at Bilibili: 渡汉江

One of the famous poet in early Tang period, key contributor to the final rules of Eight Line poem(律诗), The ex-owner of the famous Villa of Wheel(Wang) Valley (辋川别业) of Wang Wei.

He is less received in the history afterwards, because he put all his energy and time to paise and flurt the female emperor : Wu Zetian, rather than doing something good to the people. This is reflected in his poems as well.

Crossing Han River is pretty outstanding among his poems, very simple, careless to the rules of poem, with his true feelings. The subtle feeling of eagerness to reunion, the afradness of uncertainty and bad luck revealed vividly and naturally, when a homesick approaching his home back from death of the south unknown terra..



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